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Local authorities may also make the list available in other offices, including libraries. There may be a small charge. If the valuation list is changed, for example, if a property is put into a different band, the local assessor will write to the council tax payer, informing them of the change. The local authority will then issue a revised council tax bill.

Some property is exempt from council tax altogether. It may be exempt for only a short period, for example, six months, or indefinitely. It may be exempt because of who lives in it.

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If you think that your property should be exempt, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau - where to get advice. Usually one person, called the liable person , is liable to pay council tax. Nobody under the age of 18 can be a liable person. Couples living together will both be liable, even if there is only one name on the bill. This applies whether the couple is married, cohabiting or in a civil partnership. Usually, the person living in a property will be the liable person, but sometimes it will be the owner of the property who will be liable to pay.

If you think that the owner of the property should be paying the council tax, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau - where to get advice. If only one person lives in a property they will be the liable person. If more than one person lives there, a system called the hierarchy of liability is used to work out who is the liable person. The person at the top, or nearest to the top, of the hierarchy is the liable person. Two people at the same point of the hierarchy will both be liable. Although a student may be exempt from paying a council tax bill if they live on their own or the property only has other students living in it, if they own the property or are the sole tenant they could be the liable person.

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The single person discount applies because the student is not counted as being due to pay a proportion although they are the liable person. Each year, every local authority will set a rate of council tax for each valuation band.

You pay the council tax and there is a separate annual charge for using public water and sewerage which is collected by the local authority with the council tax and passed on to Scottish Water. Not everyone will have to pay the full amount of council tax. There are three ways in which your council tax bill may be reduced. These are:. From 1 April , reduction in liability for the council tax bill is through the national Council Tax Reduction and second adult rebate. Before that date, the reduction came from council tax benefit and second adult rebate. You may be able to get help with paying for public water and sewerage charges.

If there is someone adult or child living in a household who is substantially and permanently disabled the council tax bill for the property may be reduced. The reduction is made by charging council tax on a lower valuation band than the one the property is in. For example, if the property is in band D, the council tax bill will be worked out as if it were in band C.

This reduction also applies to dwellings in band A. The reduction will be the same proportion of the council tax bill as the properties in the higher bands. To claim a reduction you must show that a disabled person lives in the property, and also that the property has at least one of the following:. An application for this reduction must be made in writing to the local authority.

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Many local authorities will have a special application form. If you think that you may be entitled to a reduction because someone in your household is disabled you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau - where to get advice. The council tax that has to be paid in a property can become very complicated to work out when some people who live in it are disregarded but others are liable to pay. There are also extra complications in working out what has to be paid when those who are not disregarded are eligible for a discount, for example because they are the only person who has to pay so can claim a single person discount.

For information about energy savings, see Grants and benefits to help you pay energy bills. A local authority may automatically send a council tax bill which includes a discount.

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The discount will be shown on the bill. If you believe that you are entitled to a discount and your bill does not show that you have had one, you should apply to the local authority for a discount, as soon as possible. If the bill shows that the local authority has applied a discount and you do not think that you should have one, you must tell the local authority within 21 days. If you do not do this the local authority may later impose a penalty.

From 1 April a local authority can choose not to grant any discount on the council tax charge for a second home or holiday home. A person who was liable to pay council tax before 1 April could claim Council Tax Benefit. The amount of benefit they got depended on their income and capital.

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You could not claim a second adult rebate as well as Council Tax Benefit. If you were entitled to both, you should have received whichever was the higher. The CTR reduces the amount of council tax they are liable to pay. The amount of the reduction will depend on their income and capital. You will not be able to claim a second adult rebate as well as a Council Tax Reduction. If you are entitled to both, you will receive whichever is the higher. You may be entitled to help with paying public water and sewerage charges.

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Your council tax bill may have only water and sewerage charges to pay, for example, if you get maximum Council Tax Reduction see previous paragraph. You can use our Check my council tax tool to help you find out whether you are exempt from having to pay council tax, or you are eligible for a discount or reduction in your bill. Council tax bills should be sent out by April. You have the right to pay by 10 instalments.